Double Studded Adapter (DSA)

Ruker Engineers design and supplies DSA as per API 6A and API 16A product specification requirement. Size and pressure rating for both ends may differ depending on drilling well control equipment. DSA is a combination of different size flange and pressure rating. DSA shall be supplied with appropriate fasteners. DSA Flange is used where there is a restriction of space on drill string. DSA provides an ideal solution by hooking up two different equipments of different size and pressure rating. DSAs are manufactured to customer specific requirement. Thickness of flange and depth of thread are consistent with design calculation.

Available Specification:

Working pressure 2000PSI-20000PSI
Working medium oil,natural gas,mud
Working temperature -46℃-121℃(L-U)
Material class AA –HH
Specification class PSL1-PSL4
Performance class PR1-PR2

DSA inquiry information

Customers may customize their purchase through the following data:
• Working Pressure
• Type of top & bottom Connection
• Material Class

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