Spacer Spool

Ruker Engineers design and supplies spacer spool having API-6A end connection. Spacer spools are suitable for wellhead extension, BOP installation, choke & kill manifold spools and production manifold.

Common end connections are flanged, hub and studded. Some customers use names like "riser spool" or "surface riser spools". Customer should specify the length according to stack height. Each spool is Pressure, drift and dimensionally tested before shipment. Drift testing is done to ensure that access to the well-bore is not restricted.

Available Specifications:

Working pressure: 2000PSI-20000PSI
Working medium: oil, natural gas, mud
Working temperature: -46℃-121℃(L-U)
Material class: AA – HH
Specification class: PSL1- PSL4
Performance class: PR1- PR2

Sapcer - Riser Spool inquiry information

Customers may customize their purchase through the following data:
• Working Pressure
• Type & Size of Connection
• Length or height
• Material Class

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