Wellhead Equipment & Christmas Tree

The wellhead equipment and Christmas Tree are important equipments for oil exploration and they are composed of three parts: casing head, tubing head and Christmas Tree. The wellhead equipment is used to mount the wellhead, to connect the casing string at the wellhead, to seal and control circular space between the flow rate of oil (gas) wells. When necessary, it can be used to close the well or in special operations such as compressive fracture and acidizing, water injection and testing.

Working pressure: 14MPa ~ 105MPa(2000psi ~ 15000psi)
Nominal diameter: 1-13/16’’ ~ 7-1/16’’
Working temperature: -46℃~ 121℃ (LU class)
Product specification level: PSL3, PSL3G
Performance requirement: PR1, PR2
Manufacture standard: API 6A

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